• Testimonials

    "We see the Canvas team as an extension of our own business. They consider our success first and keep us in touch with cutting edge concepts."

    Simon Hobson
    White Noise Marketing

  • Testimonials

    "I am totally thrilled with my new website and business cards, and could not have asked for a more professional liaison with Canvas. The entire process was impressive in terms of creativity, communication, customer service and most of all, a turnaround time of only one week! So refreshing to find some a design company that can deliver the WOW factor under time pressure and on budget. I will no doubt be recommending Canvas Design and their great team of professionals to my clients."

    Vicki Jackson
    Blackbird Communications

  • Testimonials

    "Canvas Design are very aware of the cost constraints faced by small business and take this into account when presenting options to me for consideration. More importantly, they value the relationship between our two businesses and are always on hand to assist me meet deadlines at a moments notice."

    Amanda Phillips
    House of Phillips Fine Art

  • Testimonials

    "From the initial consultation to the creative brief to the delivery of the final product, Canvas Design delivered 150%. They took a vague concept and delivered a beautiful user friendly website and social media program."

    Jeff Kaplan
    PR & Media Consultant

  • Testimonials

    "Canvas invests time and understanding our business, then they apply leading edge thinking and innovative solutions which ensure the success of our projects. Our marketing and product teams are continuously delighted by the response time and high level attention and care provided. We recommend Canvas Design to any company looking for a business development partner."

    Kim Jenkins
    Doo International

  • Testimonials

    "I have been working with Canvas Designs for 6 years and hope to be working with them for a lot longer. All of the designs from logos to websites, blogs and stickers have been perfect right away. I love how Jenni knows me and the colours I adore. Every design has shown my personality and our product. I just hope they don't tire of me."

    Britta Ford

  • Testimonials

    "Mediband has worked with Canvas for over three years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated and creative their team is. I would wholeheartedly recommend Canvas to anyone seeking refreshing and engaging creative that is always on time and to budget."

    Michael Randall

  • Testimonials

    “It is not often that you work with an agency that delivers above and beyond the brief. Canvas added value wherever they saw opportunity and it has been a pleasure working with such great talents who are always friendly, prompt and have the ‘nothing is too hard’ approach to their clients. We are thrilled with our new website.”

    Kristy Colvin
    Montvalley Wines

  • Testimonials

    "My experience with Canvas is always a pleasure. I find them to be very helpful and efficient. They always are available to help with questions and quotes, and I plan to use them in the future."

    Gabrielle Kirson
    Bugaboo Australia

  • Testimonials

    "Working with Canvas Design to rejuvenate our brand has been an enjoyable and creative exploration of who we are and how we communicate to our clients. They strove to understand our business as well as us as individuals and we are very happy with the results."

    Iain Crossing
    Inspirational Workplaces

  • Testimonials

    "The Canvas team really understood our brand and our brief when we asked them to help us modernise our logo. We knew how we wanted it to feel but no idea what it would look like. The logo they came back with is perfect and we loved it as soon as we saw it."

    Fiona Hulme
    Candle Bark Creations

  • Testimonials

    "I have often had to give Canvas unbelievably tight deadlines to work within and they have always been incredibly accommodating. Canvas provides me with an enormous comfort level in that I know they understand our business and the quality of work we require as well as deliver on time. Canvas is a delight to work with."

    Merryl Mills
    M. Webster Holdings

  • Testimonials

    "Our organisation has been working with Canvas Design for 10 years now, firstly on store signage, brochures, flyers and advertising and more recently on store design. Jenni and her team provide fast and efficient service, intelligent creative ideas and are a pleasure to work with."

    Tony Beggs
    Cancer Council NSW

  • Testimonials

    "Canvas Design did the cover and formatting for a recent book of mine (Lemons, The Kitchen Cure All) and the whole experience was just a joy from beginning to end. Nothing was too much effort. The design scamps were prompt, creative and well-presented. The liaison process was always a pleasure and it’s so nice to work with people who like what they do, are great at it and do it with such professionalism. A hearty recommendation to all."

    Paul Lonergan

  • Testimonials

    "Pink Zebra has worked with Canvas since before we opened the doors of our first store, designing all the packaging and in store graphics. They have helped Pink Zebra to deliver a consistent, feminine and fashionable brand message to our customers and target audience, and always in a timely manner!"

    Sarah Paykel
    Pink Zebra

  • Testimonials

    "Canvas Design were able to tailor a website solution that exceeded our expectations. The end product is sharp yet simple and able to be managed and updated with incredible ease. We have found Canvas to be a ‘one-stop shop’ when it comes to many of our design and marketing requirements and would not hesitate in recommending their professional and friendly service’."

    Sean Malone
    Daltor Property

  • Testimonials

    "Canvas Design has treated each project with enthusiasm and transformed what at times have been simple ideas into creative solutions that have been delivered on time and within a budget."

    John Hart
    Pro Hart Art Sales


What Health Care Managers Need to Know - and How to Teach Them

November 21, 2012

Health care business managers are under tremendous pressure to become more innovative, more productive, more accountable. The question, asks Regina Herzlinger, is who is going to teach them these skills?

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Pay Workers More So They Steal Less

November 12, 2012

New research by professor Tatiana Sandino confirms what many top companies have If you're in a hurry to pass your test online casino and get on the open road, driving games can offer the option of intensive driving lessons. long believed: Good wages and benefits are linked to a company's low turnover and to happier, more honest workers.

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What Wall Street Doesn't Understand About International Trade

November 5, 2012

Firms that correlate their international trading activity with the local ethnic community significantly outperform those that don't, Some s even provide mobile gaming platforms on such devices as SmartPhones. according to new research by Lauren H. Cohen, Christopher J. Malloy, and Umit G. Gurun.

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Book Excerpt: Judgment Calls

November 1, 2012

In their book Judgment Calls, Visiting Professor Thomas H. Davenport and independent consultant Brook Manville share the tales of several organizations that made successful choices through collective judgment. Read our excerpt on growing pains at Tweezerman.

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Are You Paying a Tip - or a Bribe?

October 29, 2012

Both are rewards for service, so why is one considered outside the boundaries of ethical behavior? Harvard Business School professor Magnus Thor Torfason on the thin line.

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Want People to Save More? Send a Text

October 24, 2012

What's the most effective way to encourage people to save their money? The answer lies in a combination of peer pressure and text messages, according to new research by Assistant Professor Dina D. Pomeranz.

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US Competitiveness at Risk

September 20, 2010

America's declining global competitiveness—it ranks No. 7 this year in one respected survey—began long before the current recession took hold. Harvard Business School Professors Michael E. Porter and Jan W. Rivkin discuss causes and possible solutions.

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HBS Cases: Branding Yoga

September 10, 2012

As yoga's popularity has grown into a $6 billion business, a cast of successful entrepreneurs has emerged with their own styles of the ancient practice. Yet yoga's rise underscores a larger question for Professor Rohit Deshpandé: Is everything brandable?

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Book Excerpt: Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter

September 4, 2012

In his new book, Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter, HBS professor Gautam Mukunda addresses the question of whether online casinos leaders create history or are created by it. Read our excerpt.

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Advertising: It's Not 'Mad Men' Anymore

August 22, 2012

Three major forces have changed advertising since Don Draper last prowled the corridors of Sterling Cooper. Professor Emeritus Alvin J. Silk's decades of research finds an industry that, while evolving in fundamental ways, is healthy and creative.

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Collaborating Across Cultures

June 25, 2012

Learning to collaborate creatively with people from other cultures is a vital skill in today's business environment, says professor Roy Y.J. Chua, whose research focuses on a key measure psychologists have dubbed "cultural metacognition."

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Teaching Leadership: What We Know

June 20, 2012

The field of leadership education has reached a critical stage. After several decades of experimentation, "The Handbook for Teaching Leadership," Scott A. Snook, Rakesh Khurana, and Nitin Nohria, is intended to be a foundational reference for educators facing this increasingly important challenge.

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When Business Competition Harms Society

June 11, 2012

In highly competitive markets, many firms are likely to bend the rules if doing so will keep their customers from leaving for a rival, according to new research by professor Michael W. Toffel and colleagues. Case in point: service stations that cheat on auto emissions testing.

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Is Something Wrong with the Way We Work?

June 6, 2012

Who is to blame for our pressure-packed 24/7 work culture? Technology? Globalization? Increasingly demanding customers? Jim Heskett's readers say it's best to first look in the mirror.

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Breaking the Smartphone Addiction

May 14, 2012

In her new book, Sleeping With Your Smartphone, Leslie Perlow explains how high-powered consultants disconnected from their mobile devices for a few hours every week—and how they online casino dgfev became more productive as a result. Such "predictable time off" might help phone-addled employees better control their workdays and lives.

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Clayton Christensen's "How Will You Measure Your Life?"

May 9, 2012

World-renowned innovation expert Clayton M. Christensen explores the personal benefits of business research in the forthcoming book How Will You Measure Your Life? Coauthored with James Allworth and Karen Dillon, the book explains how well-tested academic theories can help us find meaning and happiness not just at work, but in life.

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Can the "Leadership Industry" Fulfill Its Promise?

May 2, 2012

How Should We Measure "Leadership If you call a truck driving school to see if you can afford the training and the price is more than you had expected, then ask about financing, grants, and how others pay for the class. Industry" Results? Jim Heskett's readers believe leadership is teachable—to a point.

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Why Every Company Needs a CSR Strategy and How to Build It

April 20, 2012

Despite certain criticisms, more and more companies in the world practice some form of best online casino corporate social responsibility. This paper offers a pragmatic alternative framework for CSR with a view towards developing its practice in an evolutionary way.

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What Neuroscience Tells Us About Consumer Desire

March 26, 2012

"People are fairly good at expressing what they want, what they like, or even how much they will pay for an item. But they aren't very good at accessing where that value comes from, or how and when it is influenced by factors like store displays or brands." Uma R. Karmarkar explains how raw brain data is helping researchers unlock the mysteries of consumer choice.

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Crowded at the Top: The Rise of the Functional Manager

March 12, 2012

It's not lonely at the top anymore—today's CEO has an average of 10 direct reports, according to new research by Julie M. Wulf, Maria Guadalupe, and Surely you are not going to miss The is identified using Critical Data Services’ web interface, online casino extracted at its service center and delivered to the client for further processing. out on the chance to win several million dollars are you?There are loads of reasons why you should play Australian Online slots. Hongyi Li. Thank a dramatic increase in the number of "functional" managers for crowding in the C-suite.

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Is JC Penney's Makeover the Future of Retailing?

March 5, 2012

The stuffy department store chain has become emboldened under new CEO Ron Johnson, with plans for an innovative store upgrade, simplified prices, and a brand polish. Professor Rajiv Lal discusses whether Johnson can repeat his previous magic at Apple and Target.

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