December 5, 2012


Are you maximising your online engagement?

hand qr code 03In the UK alone, 19% of consumers have scanned a QR code. As smart phone use grows year on year, so does Mobile Marketing. A recent Google IPSOS research paper found that Australian’s mobile internet usage now rivals that of PCs for activities like social networking and, soon, shopping.


tick Link to interesting and thoughtful content – if you don't have something interesting to say, don't say anything!
tick Link to mobile-optimised content – not all websites look best on a phone.
tick Include a URL as well – not all consumers will scan the code.
tick Reward users for taking the time to scan - link to an exclusive deal.
tick Indicate which devices can read the content (iPhone or Android specific).


cross Use them in areas where users are unable to safely stop and scan, eg. on a billboard next to a busy highway.
cross Use them in areas with poor WiFi or 3G access, eg. some underground train stations.
cross Make the QR code too small for the lower-res phone scanners to 'see' it.
cross Rely solely on QR codes to convey information – they should be used to provide something extra!


Some successful ideas for using QR codes

tick Put a QR code on your shop door - link to your hours of business, contact details or weekly specials.
tick Send out a flyer with a 'mystery deal' for those who scan the code.
tick Include a QR code on your 'leave with' documents so clients can later scan for your details and special offers.
tick Have a QR code on your business card so clients can link straight through to your website.
tick At a trade show, include a QR code on your banner, or even on staff shirts to point to special promotions.
tick Use QR codes on your till receipts or menus with special deals for returning customers.


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